Candace Rivers

Kim Gaddy

2020-10-02 15:32:52

I started doing Zumba with Candace about 7or 8 years ago with NO dance skills what so ever . She is amazing and I was at the 300lb mark then. I've been under 200lbs for over 6 years now and never felt better. She's a breath of fresh air and you will love everything about her workouts. However, the beauty in her heart is my favorite!

Debbie Dukes

2020-05-13 23:09:23

Candace is amazing!!! Not only are the workouts great but she is so uplifting and caring!!! I love having access to the workouts at anytime that fits my schedule. Best trainer ever!!!!

Megan Owen

2020-05-05 16:14:11

Candace is the best! She’s hands down the most motivating and supportive person I’ve ever met! She’s so knowledgeable and informed!

Samantha Johnson

2020-04-20 17:22:29

I've known Candace for several years now and she has been nothing but an inspiration to me, as well as my family,every since the day we met! Even on the days that I don't feel like working out, once I make myself get started she motivates me! When you are down, when you are frustrated, whatever the situation, her workouts and her inspirational talks will turn your day around!

Tiffany White

2020-04-20 11:29:28

Candace and FitsPossible are God sent. With all that's going on in the world shes has given me the opportunity to stay on track with my weight loss journey by making her programs available online.